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Advertising creative industries concerned seek fresh ideas, creative and original.

Willing and trying hard to make it happen and make it grow.

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  • Lookatme stand to meet the needs of promotion and advertising of your company. A creative agency that is able to provide a solution to address all the challenges in the market and introduce products that you offer in the business in an era of global competition.

    Serve as a collaboration to find the right solution, supported by careful analysis and differensiasi to win the product on the market.

    Providing services in a professional manner in order to provide satisfaction to our business partners, supported by the hospitality in any search for a solution and give priority to timeliness.

  • Service
  • Start with Your business concept, lookatme help you fix your idea into something simple and elegant.

    Provide advertising solutions to build a brand from creating "Strategy, Build your Brand, create a Logo design, corporate identity, Media promotions, Website, Packaging, Interiorr & Ekteriorr, Video, Photography, and all related media advertising campaign started last Creation to Development of dai, to Manage".

    Lookatme work ranging from initial concept to realisation will answer and meet all the needs of advertising and providing the right solution to introduce your product in the market with advertising strategy that is creative, original, sell and right on target.

  • Our Colleagues
  • Partners see lookatme not only as a creative industry but a solution. lookatme gain the trust of the partners because the results are given to make them satisfied and is something extraordinary.

    lookatme not offer promise, but provide evidence to partners and you can try to call and have the satisfaction of working with lookatme.

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